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red now and laters


In this impressive debut Marcus J. Guillory brilliantly weaves together the many obstacles of a young man growing into adulthood, the realities of urban life, the history of Louisiana Creole culture, the glory of the black cowboy, and the role of religion in shaping lives.


Shortlisted for the 2014 Ernest Gaines Award for Literary Excellence


"Elegantly balanced, dense and ripe..."

       - Kirkus Review (starred)


"With dark humor and élan, Guillory's complex and mesmerizing novel spans numerous eras of family and southern folklore..."

      - Booklist


"...  This is everything a debut novel should be:  the call of a distinctive new voice staking claim to undiscovered territory."

       -  Mat Johnson, author of Pym


"A truly unforgettable world of spirits and magical men.  Guillory's community is like the richest of cultural maps peopled by some of the most memorable characters I have ever encountered."

     - Dolen Perkins-Valdez, NY Times Bestselling Author

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